1kg Acacia Confusa Root Bark

1000g Acacia Confusa Root Bark


*2019 Big update* We are now freezing our fresh, wet bark overnight before chipping and grinding and then storing all of our ACRB in a deep freezer. We do this to preserve the quality but also, and most importantly, to break down the cell walls of the bark. It is important for it to be frozen before drying so the bark can freeze, expand, and pop the cell walls. This aids in easier tannin extractions when boiling. Just one extra step you dont have to do in order to get the deepest, and longest lasting tanner.



Hawaiian Acacia Confusa is not actually native to the island but was naturalized in the early 1900s to hold the soil together. With the right mix of elevation, rainfall, and rich volcanic soil, Hawaiian Acacia is the most widley used and sough after of the acacias.



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1kg Acacia Confusa Root Bark

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